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Stunning Ranim Helwani is a real globetrotter and Abelstedt girl. Hear about her style, personality, and favorite Abelstedt ring.

I always go for timeless jewelry - something that I can wear everyday, no matter how my outfit looks.

Ranim grew up in the historical and romantic city of Münster. She is a true globetrotter combining academic and stylistic exploring. She runs a beautiful fashion blog while studying at Business School and she is not afraid of relocating for the sake of her journey.

Ranim Helwani with autumn leaves

Ranim has worked and studied in many great European cities and has, like the style conscious person she is, chosen Copenhagen for now. Her occupation and the places it has taken her have greatly influenced the alteration of her style and relationship with jewelry.

Ring on finger holding a leaf
Ranim Helwani wearing a ring

How would you define your style?

My style is rather casual with a little bit of a feminine edge. Well, that means that my outfits are comfortable enough to get me through the day while not compromising on feminine details - skirts, fashionable tights or some high heels. I must admit though that my style always slightly changed depending on the city I live in. I moved countries a few times the last years and noticed my style was more minimalistic in Copenhagen, but more feminine and colorful in Milan.

How do you match your jewelry with this style?

I always go for timeless jewelry - something that I can wear everyday, no matter how my outfit looks like. Jewelry is more symbolic than fashionable to me and by wearing my favorite pieces every day, it get a sense of stability and calmness.

Model image of Ranim Helwani

What is the first memory you have with a piece of jewelry?

Most of the time I connect my jewelry to places or to people. Since my jewelry is meant to stay with me forever, I also want to keep these special people and places forever in my memory.

Why is Flora your favorite Abelstedt ring?

I immediately fell in love with the Flora Ring because its design is so special. I knew it would be a real eye-catcher and it would perfectly complement my other favorite jewelry.

Shop Ranim's favorite ring

Een sprankelend bedankje voor het meelezen.

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