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A center sapphire can be a good choice if you want a ring that doesn't get too expensive but you also do not want to compromise on quality.

Sapphires are a precious gemstone like diamonds, rubies (which are a red sapphire) and emeralds. When you think of sapphires, you will probably think of a dark blue royal gemstone. But sapphires comes in a rainbow of colors - even in white, as you see in Abelstedt's selection. White sapphires are among the most expensive and rarest of all sapphires. And some white sapphires can be more expensive than a white diamond.

Sapphires is made of the mineral called corundum, which makes it a very hard, durable and stable gemstone for everyday use. Sapphires have a hardness of nine out of ten on the Mohs scale, where a diamond is a 10s. 

Sapphires are a distinctive and vibrant choice that has been valued for their vibrant color and durability for centuries. The styles in our collections range from antique-inspired to modern and classic and are exquisitely designed to showcase these stunning gemstones in the best way.


What Significance Does a Sapphire Have?

Many sources list that sapphires are believed to symbolize wisdom, virtue, luck and holiness for the royals. In an engagement ring, a sapphire also means faithfulness and sincerity. Many years ago it was said that the sapphires' reflection helped to make the sky blue. The most typical sapphire is dark blue, but today all colors are equally popular, and white sapphires have become a hit instead of a white diamond.

The sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September. Is your better half from the month of September, or did you become a couple this month, it will be a cute symbol.

Sapphires Colors

The sapphire is alumina with a trigonal crystal structure, it is in the same family as the red ruby. The only difference between a ruby ​​and a sapphire is simply the color. A ruby ​​is red. Other colored crystals are called sapphires and they come in many colors where the most well known is blue. Since sapphires are available in so many colors, they are the most important and versatile of all gemstones. Rubies and sapphires are said to be valued just below the level of diamonds because of its hardness. Diamonds are rated as a 10 in terms of hardness, with the sapphire lying at nine. The sapphire's property of hardness makes it a perfect choice for jewelry that must withstand everyday wear and tear, so the stone would be an amazing choice for an engagement ring. 

The gemstone inclusions reflect light that gives a faint sheen called "silk". The most transparent, colorless variety of sapphires is known as "Leucosapphire." Some have streaks of light color inside, others have the slightly silky sheen in bright light where their color intensifies. Sapphires are usually round or oval in their cut, but can also be obtained rectangular, pear or square.

What Does a Sapphire Cost?

Sapphires can range in price from $ 50 per. Carat to more than $ 10,000 per. carat. The most expensive sapphire that has been sold at a record cost $ 135,000 per. Karat. The price of a sapphire is determined mostly by quality, and a large sapphire of low quality can be much cheaper than a small one in great quality.

Sapphire Rings From Abelstedt

At Abelstedt, we specialize in providing our customers with the finest sapphires of the best quality. Our natural sapphires offer true beauty, rarity and superior value compared to other traded sapphires. We offer a large selection of blue sapphires, pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, white sapphires and other unique natural sapphires. All our sapphires are cut in our premises and applied in every single ring by hand.

Browse the world of beautiful white sapphire rings. We also offer blue, yellow, pink, padparadscha and other unique colors sapphires. Whether you are looking for a gift, a ring for everyday wear or a sapphire engagement ring, you will find the perfect piece of jewelry in our collection. Are you interested in designing a specially designed sapphire ring? Then you can always contact us at

Please read more about our diamonds and sapphires here.

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